Voting and Thanksgiving

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. We enjoyed the beautifully colourful and warm long weekend with multiple get-togethers and hard work. Saturday and Sunday we worked on installing glass block windows in our basement, and then I helped Jon dig some stubborn fence post holes with a jack-hammer in rock-hard Grimsby clay on Monday morning. [...]

The End of Our First Major Renovation

Our attiic renovation is pretty much finished! Heidi’s sister moved in a couple of weeks ago and there are only a few small projects left until we can offically declare that the project is over. When we moved into our house a year and a half ago there was an in-law suite apartment in the [...]

longest deck building project ever

this weekend i finally finished rebuilding the deck entry to the apartment on the 3rd floor of our house. this project began shortly after we bought the house over a year ago. there were some structural issues with how the roof of the deck was supported, and we had to demolish the entire thing. when [...]