An Old Friend

I can’t quite describe what I’m feeling right now. Overjoyed. Relief. Or may it’s just an overwhelming desire to fly to Seattle. Right now. 3 years ago I thought I had lost a friend forever. Literally. Reub and I sent our wedding invitation out to him in Seattle, we were even prepared to pay for [...]

long weekends and delayed flights

heidi and i headed out to strawberry point, iowa this past friday for jack and jazz’s wedding. we had a great small-town time–from having coffee and conversation in the local diner to filling up the bar next door with with many dordt folks we havent seen for the last two years. the wedding was very [...]

success, full success

well, not quite. both justin and brian’s names now show up within the top ten search items at google. full success will be when justin heuss and brian dingeman google their names and find my google-your-name experiment. spencer and adam have more common names and the “experiment” is burried further in the results. now only [...]