Eden was unsure of the apple/carrot juice she helped make.

An eventful weekend

We had a lot of fun this weekend with a number of different events: The renovated Hamilton Farmer’s Market had its grand opening events Friday and Saturday. The kids and I have been watching the renovation progress for the last number of months through the windows of the library, which was previously renovated as part [...]

Autumn in the Park

On Sunday we spent a beautiful afternoon on a hike in the park with friends and family. The weather was perfect, the colour was amazing, and the leaves were falling through the air in the forest like they do in movies. Here are some photos:


It’s been a busy 2 weeks! On Saturday Sept 8, I dropped Reub off at the Buffalo airport and he left for California. I spent a good deal of the weekend with my mom, sister and 2 nephews while Reuben spent time with Paul and Ashley Olsen, Jack and Jazz Maatman and Justin and Erin [...]