She has arrived!

We are are proud to annouce the birth of our first child, a daughter, Eden Skylar VanderKwaak. Eden was born on May 3, 2007 at 11:29pm. Weight: 8 lbs, 14 oz Length: 52 cm EDEN: Pleasure / Delight / Paradise (origin: Hebrew); the name of the gardenlike first home of Adam and Eve SKYLAR: Scholar [...]


Let’s see… what’s been going on in the vanderkwaak house lately: – Reuben has had enormous amounts of energy and enthusiasm about working on the house and a lot has been done. Heidi has been helping and keeping him company when she can. She has been sick with a cold/sinus infection and has been in [...]


Unlike the last while (where we haven’t posted because not much has been going on), the last few weeks have been very busy and here are a lot of pictures to update you all. Mom and Dad VanderKwaak arrived at our place in Hamilton on Saturday July 29. We had a wonderful (and hot!) week [...]