Classic grandkids shot. was going to photoshop this so all the faces where nice but figured the real thing was much better :)

An American Thanksgiving in Canada

Kinda late here, but finally sharing some of our photos from Thanksgiving 2010. My whole family came up from Michigan, Iowa and Colorado to fit snugly into our house here in Ontario for a few days. Had some great food and good company, and it was awesome to play host for a turn.


It’s been a busy 2 weeks! On Saturday Sept 8, I dropped Reub off at the Buffalo airport and he left for California. I spent a good deal of the weekend with my mom, sister and 2 nephews while Reuben spent time with Paul and Ashley Olsen, Jack and Jazz Maatman and Justin and Erin [...]


Finally I am at a computer and able to post some pics and update all of you on our lives. Unfortunately, I just typed up a long post and lost it while saving so now that I’m good and frustrated and don’t want to type anymore. Short version: Mom and Dad VanderKwaak came out from [...]