Family Events

Eden was unsure of the apple/carrot juice she helped make.

An eventful weekend

We had a lot of fun this weekend with a number of different events: The renovated Hamilton Farmer’s Market had its grand opening events Friday and Saturday. The kids and I have been watching the renovation progress for the last number of months through the windows of the library, which was previously renovated as part [...]

Classic grandkids shot. was going to photoshop this so all the faces where nice but figured the real thing was much better :)

An American Thanksgiving in Canada

Kinda late here, but finally sharing some of our photos from Thanksgiving 2010. My whole family came up from Michigan, Iowa and Colorado to fit snugly into our house here in Ontario for a few days. Had some great food and good company, and it was awesome to play host for a turn.

Voting and Thanksgiving

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. We enjoyed the beautifully colourful and warm long weekend with multiple get-togethers and hard work. Saturday and Sunday we worked on installing glass block windows in our basement, and then I helped Jon dig some stubborn fence post holes with a jack-hammer in rock-hard Grimsby clay on Monday morning. [...]