Happy Daddy’s Day

Happy Daddy’s Day

On Father’s Day Eden woke me up to show me a painting she had made for me the day before. A big heart with “Dad” written in it! Along with the painting, she brought fresh blueberry muffins that Heidi had woken up early to make. Usually on Sunday mornings either Heidi or I will go [...]

back up

alright. so it has been way too long since this site got hacked! we are back up and running now, so hopefully you will see some more posting around here. however, it is getting late, so beyond saying that we are back, this post wont be saying much


so, as you may have noticed, some bits of vanderkwaak.com are unavailable or look different than before. the site was hacked recently and as a result, i will have to reinstall and reconfigure each part of it. i’ll be working on this in the coming days, but you may not be able read the blogs [...]