Recently around our house

So many things have been happening around our house the last few weeks. Along with the normal routine of life, we’ve been:

  1. Hosting two warmshowers guests. For anyone not familiar with warm showers or couchsurfing these are online networks that connect travelers with locals willing to host them in many countries. Warmshowers services touring cyclists. We’ve had such positive experiences every time we’ve hosted someone. This time we hosted 2 at the same time. Lily is biking to the West Coast and Leon is biking to Hong Kong. You can follow Leon on his travels on his website. Reuben was able to bike with both of them to Burlington on his way to work the next morning.
  2. We went on our first bike ride with all four of us. Eden sat on her kids seat on Reuben’s big dummy bike and Harper sat on a little kid’s seat on the front of my bike. We didn’t go too far from home but we had a blast.
  3. It has been raining a lot here recently (which my garden loves) and Eden has also been playing a lot more with her neighbour friends. Last week, when it started to pour, Eden and Madison played outside in the rain and the puddles.

  4. What has been taking up some of my time recently has been sewing. I’ve been making some birthday gifts for some family members (which I will post after the gifts have been given) but I’ve also been consumed with a compassionate project. It came to my attention in the last few months that many women in developing countries don’t have any sanitary products and so they miss school, miss their jobs, can’t continue with their ordinary life while they are menstruating. A friend of mine was really passionate about doing something about this and approached me about making some cloth pads. After doing some research into fabrics and a pattern, I contacted several companies to see if they would donate the required materials. I was overwhelmed with the response! All of the materials have been donated and a “Pad Party”, a night to sew all the materials together, is taking place on June 17 at Little Bird and re-diaper, a local storefront in Hamilton that sells consignment kids clothes and cloth diapers. I’ll be posting pictures of the event along with all the details. Each woman will receive 10 cloth pads and a wet/dry bag to hold the clean and soiled pads in. The pads will be delivered to Home of Grace Care Centre in Kenya this summer. Here are some pictures of the samples I have sewn together:

    It’s been a fun and rewarding project. There are so many people interested in helping. The event has about 18 people already committed to come and help sew these products together.
  5. Reuben has been very busy in his spare time developing a website with some very interesting family information – will be launched soon!
  6. And just for fun, here’s a picture of Eden with straight hair. She saw me straightening my hair the other day and wanted hers done too:
  7. And to add to the randomness of this post, here’s one of my new favourite quotes from Eden:

    Eden: Mommy, is Harper dirty?
    Me: No. Daddy just changed his diaper and he had a bath the other day.
    Eden: Then why are we going to a baby shower?

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  1. Awesome idea about the Pad Party. I was going to purchase some more Luna Pads recently and then I realized that I have about 30 inserts for cloth diapers that I don’t put in Lincoln’s diapers. I might as well use them.

  2. Heidi, those sanitary pads are actually quite attractive! They certainly beat the disposable pad look. Whatever happened to the bright yellow snaps? Very exciting project, and so great to hear about the many volunteers who want to help.

    Great pics of Eden and Harper. I wanted to reach right into the computer to hug and kiss them!

  3. Heidi! I love that you are making re-useable pads. Shanti Uganda has a teen girls group and they all received pads from AfriPads. You are so right, many girls miss school or work because they can’t afford other disposables pads. Instead, they use a t-shirt or old towel and are limited to staying at home. And I love your mad sewing skills!! And I love that you straightened Eden’s hair! so cute :)

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