Harper Laughing and Smiling

Harper started laughing this week!

And here are some photos of Harper wearing the sweater that Aunt Judy knitted for him (a benefit of him being born on the same day as her). Thanks Aunt Judy, the sweater and hat are awesome!

He is either laughing or crying in this one — you decide!

And here he is looking a whole lot like me as a baby:

6 responses to “Harper Laughing and Smiling”

  1. what a doll! i love him! i especially love the one of him in his hat–that is such a keeper!!!

  2. Those pictures are so engaging. It is fun to watch Harper begin to show who he is!

  3. He is so sweet!! I just want to squeeze and oodle him!
    That hat and sweater are AWESOME! Good work Aunt Judy!

  4. OOOOHHHHHHHH! I love you, Harper!!!!!! I just want to lift you right off of the computer screen and hug you! Nice job on the sweater, Judy! He picked a great day to be born.

  5. At first the video was unavailable, and now it’s here……… we just watched it together. Seeing Harper laugh with Heidi brought huge smiles to both of our faces and most of all to our hearts. He’s so engaged! Incredible. This really made our day (s)!

  6. Oh goodness he is oober cute.. I cant believe it.. Thanks for posting those. and that sweater set is awesome.

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