Welcome to the world, Harper Lloyd!

Introducing Harper Lloyd Vanderkwaak, born this morning at 8:45am. He joined us, happy, healthy and calm after an amazingly fast, two hour labour and delivery. Everything went smoothly despite the speed and he was born here at home. More details along with the full “birth story” in a future post, for now here are a few photos:



(nine pounds! nice work, heidi!)






eden got a present when her cousins visited.

everyone join heidi and harper on the bed!

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  1. Wow, he is perfect! He looks so different then Eden did when she was born, Harper is pretty bald! Nice to see him, thanks for posting pictures so quickly.

  2. Beautiful baby. God is so good. Congratulations

  3. We are so thrilled that Harper is here! He is so beautiful and perfect–Reuben, you were right on when you said he looks like a Kwaak–unbelievable! I wish I could hold him right now–I can’t wait to meet him. Heidi–excellent work–just because it was fast does not mean it was easy! You did wonderfully!!! We really hope these days of transition to your new family of four go smoothly. Love you guys!

  4. Oh i am happy.. I keep crying. I was at work when i talked to you and I had to stop thinking about it cause then i would cry. :) I cannot wait to meet him. He is beautiful. And heidi you look so wonderful.. Congratulations guys. What a great family.

  5. WOW. What else can I say???? Harper is truly a gift from God! It was so great to see him with his big eyes open and hands moving around only moments ago with skype. It’s almost like we’ve already met/held him! Only 5 more days and we will be in Hamilton to see him for real. CONGRATULATIONS, you guys!!!!!!!!! We’re so happy for you that home delivery went so well!!

  6. Heidi, you look beautiful there on the bed. You might not feel it, but you look so full of life and energy.
    Congratulations to you on a successful home birth!!!

  7. Congratulations! What a beautiful boy!

  8. I had to enjoy the pics first thing this morning then show Harper off at work to remind me he was REAL! Thanks for letting me be such a special part of welcoming him! What a blessing to hold new life so fresh from God!

  9. Congrats Reuben! and Heidi!

    wish you all the best now and in the future

  10. Oh how wonderful! Congratulations.

  11. Congratulations to the three of you and happy birthday to Harper!
    That is a big boy ! How did he fit in your belly Heidi?

    Isn’t exciting to find out whether is a boy or a girl and to be able to look at them and say..yes… I think he looks like a Harper.

    We wish you the best and try to get some rest whenever possible :)

    T & T

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