Autumn in the Park

On Sunday we spent a beautiful afternoon on a hike in the park with friends and family. The weather was perfect, the colour was amazing, and the leaves were falling through the air in the forest like they do in movies. Here are some photos:

DSC 4341

DSC 4415

DSC 4438

DSC 4443

DSC 4445

DSC 4463

DSC 4476

DSC 4531

5 responses to “Autumn in the Park”

  1. such a good shot of ash!!!!! How’s Eden doing? Eating any better??

  2. Oh — that was me :)

  3. Ooh beautiful. Eden looks so happy. I like her turtle neck too. So beautiful.

  4. cute cute cute!!!

  5. wow, those pictures are awesoem! I love this time of year.

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