The End of Our First Major Renovation

Our attiic renovation is pretty much finished! Heidi’s sister moved in a couple of weeks ago and there are only a few small projects left until we can offically declare that the project is over.

When we moved into our house a year and a half ago there was an in-law suite apartment in the attic that was in pretty poor shape. There were lots of issues including structural, electrical, plumbing, and most of all aesthetic. We knew we wanted to fix it up, but we had no idea the length we would eventually go to get a product we were happy with.

In the end we completely gutted the area and started from scratch. In the process we redid all the electrical in our house, insulated the attic to todays standards, opened up cathedral ceilings, built a new deck and put in a new double door. The result is a new attic apartment that is completely separated from the rest of our house, as energy efficient as you can get with a 100 year old building, structurally sound, and much much better and bigger feeling that it was before.

Here are a few before and after photos. The befores were taken right before we bought the house when the previous tenant was in the process of moving out. The afters were taken while Heidi’s sister Allissa was moving in:

Bathroom Before:
a BR before 1

Bathroom After:
b BR after 1

Living Room/ Bedroom Before:
f west end before

After (we moved the kitchen to this area):
g west end after

Entry Door Before (Into Living Room/Bedroom):
h entry before

Entry Door After (Into New Kitchen):
DSC 4225

Shoe Cabinet Under Entry Step;

Kitchen and Hallway Before:
j east end before
l east to west before

After (Now Living Room/Bedroom and Hallway ):
k east end after

Kitchen Windows Before:
m windows before

Windows After (Now in Living Room / Bedroom):
n windows after

Now we are beginning to refocus on the renovation project we choose to do next. A couple of biggies on the horizon include removing the wall between our kitchen and dining room, remodeling the kitchen as a whole, upgrading some of the plumbing on the main floor, putting a bathroom on the main floor, as well as painting the rest of the rooms on our 1st and 2nd floor. Its good to know the days of climbing up and down the attic stairway with arms full of building materials and tools are over!

5 responses to “The End of Our First Major Renovation”

  1. You guys are truly an inspiration. I just wished I could do more than paint and drill. Putting in that kitchen is AMAZING!

  2. Congratuations on a journey well travelled. Renovations are filled with unexpected surprises and timelines that are adjusted. The outcome looks wonderful and I am sure you will enjoy the results for a long time. The experiences will give you hope as you move onto the next project!!

  3. amazing work you guys! don’t forget to add that somewhere in the past year and a half you had and are raising a baby too–wow! we can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, on a job well done!! Lots of unexpected twists and turn, but you got through them all:) Way to persevere:)
    Allisa is very lucky!

  5. Wow, your house looks incredible. You guys have got talent!

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