It’s been a busy 2 weeks! On Saturday Sept 8, I dropped Reub off at the Buffalo airport and he left for California. I spent a good deal of the weekend with my mom, sister and 2 nephews while Reuben spent time with Paul and Ashley Olsen, Jack and Jazz Maatman and Justin and Erin VandeKerk. Here’s a picture of him with Paul:

paul and reuben

Update on Eden’s Weight: She gained 1 1/4 lbs in 5 days. She weighed in at 13 lbs 2 oz today when she got weighed and a before-and-after showed that she got 4 1/2 oz of breastmilk at a feeding this afternoon. At first, it took about 45 minutes each time to feed Eden as I would breastfeed, bottlefeed, pump and then clean all the equipment. This would have been difficult had I left for California with Reuben on Saturday. It’s easier now as my milk supply is almost keeping up with her and she doesn’t need a bottle for each feed. She’s starting to get chunky around the knees and arms! I’m on a concoction of domparadine, blessed thistle and fenugreek to help increase the milk supply and it’s working out great!

On Thursday, Sept 13, I flew out to California to meet up with Reuben and his parents. Eden was a wonderful traveler! Here she is sitting in an empty seat beside me:

We had a fun 5 days in California together as a family. We drove up to big bear lake for Beka and Craig’s wedding. The twisty road up to big bear made me so sick (thanks for the gravol jazz!). There was a fire in a nearby town that we watched all weekend, planes and helicopters were in the air all the time. On Saturday morning, we had a great hike up a mountain, and Eden came in the moby!






Have to finish post as eden is waking up. Here’s some pics of the beautiful wedding:


eden with nana2





Here’s one of the maatmans with us and one of justin with eden:

jack and jazz

justin and eden

And here’s some videos:

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  1. i love seeing pictures and videos of my niece! i love her babbling and cooing–what a cutie! her personality is really beginning to come out. i can’t wait to see her again. i’m glad you had good travels and had a fun vacation!

  2. Thanks for posting those.. SHES sooooo cute… are u guys coming on the 29th??? you should……

  3. Aw, Eden is so cute!

    That’s all I have to contribute.

  4. GREAT post! Loved it!

  5. God is soooooogood; I’m so thankful that Heidi and Eden are doing so well and that special bond is intact. It’s GREAT to have you home again! Any neat pics of Alissa’s surprise yesterday?

  6. thanks for the photos. you have a beautiful baby.

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